Review of SEAK NonClinical Careers for Physicians Conference 2017 – 006

I just spent the past weekend at the 14th Annual SEAK meeting dedicated to NonClinical Careers. I met physicians who have successfully transitioned into a nonclinical career and were serving as mentors. The attendees were physicians considering a career pivot, or in the  midst of pursuing one.

In addition to attending several very interesting presentations, I had a chance to meet several very interesting experts on various nonclinical careers. I’m planning to invite several of them join me on the podcast over the coming months.

seak2017 mentor

Over the past few days, there has been a fair amount of interest on the Physician NonClinical Career Hunters Facebook Group for feedback about the event.

My Assessment

So, I recorded a short review for those who are interested.

I provide a description of the design of the conference. And I give you my assessment of the quality of the instruction and faculty.

Take a listen and let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my comments or about the conference itself.

I hope you find my review useful and interesting.

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Come Back Next Week

Thank’s so much for joining me. I really appreciate your attention. I’ll be with you again very soon.

In fact, I’m really excited about my upcoming interview with Dr. Kernan Manion as he helps define burnout and its relationship to career transition. I know that I really enjoyed doing the interview.

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  • WealthyDoc

    I’m a big fan of SEAK. I have attended probably a dozen or more of their courses. They tend to be solid. I’m wiser and richer because of those guys!

    • John Jurica

      Thanks for the comment. My review is very positive. The conference was great. I’m glad to hear that you agree.

      • Martin Hasenfeld

        I really enjoyed the SEAK Non clinical careers for physicians conference in Chicago 2017. EviCore healthcare was recruiting for 20 – 40 HR per week utilization management work across all fmedical fields from home or office, using a secure computer platform. For more information email:

        • John Jurica

          Thanks, Martin. I didn’t get a chance to talk with them. It’s very helpful to know what they were looking for.