Top Reasons to Be LinkedIn

Why Physician Leaders Should Exploit This Social Network

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for the business community. The site allows registered members to establish networks of people they know and trust professionally. To be LinkedIn is to be part of a business and professional network.

It was founded in 2002 and is now owned by Microsoft. With over 500 million users worldwide, it boasts about 130 million users in the United States. It currently posts about 10 million jobs.

The primary feature that defines LinkedIn is each member’s profile. Your profile can be thought of as a dynamic visual resume.

My LinkedIn Story

I updated my LinkedIn profile and submitted my name to the job listings page. An entrepreneur contacted me shortly thereafter looking for a physician with my skills to join him as a minority partner in a new venture: to open a brand new urgent care center.

He had spent two years researching the business opportunity. He had plans to open a clinic in a region north of Chicago that had a deficit of urgent care services, so he messaged me through LinkedIn and started an online conversation.

be linkedin profile

Click image to go to my LinkedIn profile.

About six months later, following some negotiation, I signed several agreements. I purchased stock in the new company, and gave notice to my then employer that I was leaving my job as chief medical officer.

Fast forward two and a half years. PromptMed Urgent Care has grown from nothing to a very active clinic, treating 40 to 50 patients per day on weekdays (a bit less on weekends).

Newly Discovered Physician Authored Blogs: 23 Additions

73 Blogs Worth Exploring

I have previously devoted two posts to blogs written by physicians. I continue to identify new sites as I scour the web for news and reviews to share with my readers. With these newly discovered physician authored blogs, there are 73 for you to explore.

(I had 70 on my list, then realized I had forgotten to add The Productive Physician, a blogger I mentioned in my Monthly Leadership Favorites for March, Wealthy Doc and Smart Money MD).

You may recall that I posted my first list of 30 blogs with My Fascination with Physician-Authored Blogs. Then I added 20 more and published the list of 50 in Are You Intrigued or Entertained by These 50 Physician Authored Blogs? All 73 of them are included in the updated table below. The new ones are listed at the top.

newly discovered physician authored blogs


In this list I have avoided blogs that are strictly clinical in nature (well, maybe one or two slipped in). However, some of them may have a mix of clinical AND philosophical or financial content. In fact, one of them (Sutured for a Living) has a mix of clinical and quilting content (you saw that right: quilting!).

Are You Intrigued or Entertained by These 50 Physician Authored Blogs?

Fifty Blogs and a Podcast Worth Visiting

This month I am adding 20 blogs to my initial list, to present 50 physician authored blogs. You may recall that I posted my first list of 30 blogs at My Fascination with Physician-Authored Blogs. I’ve added twenty new sites. All 50 of them are included in this updated table. The new ones are listed at the top.

50 physician authored blogs typewriter

In the updated list, there are several that have more of a commercial bent. That is to say that they have been monetized to some extent.

Probably the ultimate example of this is KevinMD. This one is familiar to many of us. It is one of the longest running. I included a note that the “blogger” is an internal medicine specialist. That’s because it was founded by Kevin Pho, MD, an internist. However, anyone that has read its articles knows that it is actually a news blog that lists articles from hundreds of writers – many of whom are physicians.

VITAL Physician Executive Additions: Top Picks and Resources

Check Them Out

One of the things I enjoy is checking out the websites, blogs and podcasts recommended by my favorite bloggers. I also like to check out their book recommendations. So, I am using this post to announce Vital Physician Executive additions: two new pages.

vital physician executive additions

The first is a list of Top Picks. This is a list of the best of the blogs and podcasts that I regularly scan and/or consume. I think that you will enjoy them. I recommend that you check them out.

My Fascination With Physician-Authored Blogs

Part One: Thirty Blogs Worth Visiting

I was inspired to start writing my blog after reading several other physician-authored blogs. Some have been around for years. Others are relative newcomers, like mine.

physician-authored blogs

Blogs (or “web-logs”) started out as a place to write a diary or journal. Many were rather light-hearted. Some written by physicians have become very serious, with descriptions of memorable clinical encounters or important health industry news and commentary.

Others have become a source of free information for newcomers to hobbies or businesses. Topics range from crochet and needlepoint, to other artistic endeavors, to health and fitness, to starting and operating one’s online business.

They continue to evolve. I have found it fascinating to explore them and interact with other bloggers, especially physicians.

Productivity Tool for Physician Executives

How I Use Evernote

My email in box was getting longer and fuller. I didn’t know what to do with all of my electronic files. I was wasting time searching for old journal articles that I had saved. So I needed a tool to catapult my productivity to a new level.

I had already gone through two disasters with my passwords. The first time, my hard drive crashed and I lost my list of passwords and contacts. The second time I needed to change cellphone carriers due to a job change. I was unable to transfer my list of passwords, so I had to manually print and enter them into another location.

I tried using DropBox and it was a great tool for saving and sharing files. But it did not have the ability to save emails. I could not save a quick note without first creating it in another application. And locating old files was a little tricky at times, so my productivity was hindered.

I needed a tool that could help with storing and retrieving all kinds of text, audio and video  files, web pages, and photos.


productivity for physician executive


What is Evernote? It is a note-taking application hosted in “the cloud”, so it can be accessed from multiple devices (desktop computer, laptop, cell phone). It allows its users to capture and organize information. And, it can store text, images, audio and video. Content is organized using both Notebooks (files or locations) and tags.