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Thanks for visiting this site. This is the home of Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica.

I’m John, and I am here to bring you weekly content that will help you to escape burnout and frustration, and find a new career or “side-hustle” that will bring passion and meaning to your life.

With each episode, I will provide you with inspiration and actionable advice that will enable you to make the pivot to a new career.

Since I’m not an expert in all nonclinical areas, I’ll bring physicians to you who have already made the transition. Together we’ll provide specific steps to an alternative career. Sometimes, I will present non-physician experts from industries looking for physicians to work with.

Here are the episodes published to date:

PNC Podcast Episodes

Getting Acquainted with Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast - 001Welcome to the first episode of the Physician NonClinical Careers podcast.
The Proper Way to Pivot - 002In this episode, we explore the proper way to pivot to a nonclinical career.
Seeking an MBA - Interview with Atish Jaiswal - 003Today I’m bringing you my first interview. It involves a colleague who is seeking an MBA.
Follow Six Essential Rules to Engage a Mentor - 004In this podcast episode, I talk about mentors and coaches. I finish up by listing six rules to follow to find and engage a mentor.
Clinical Documentation Improvement – Interview with Dr. Cesar Limjoco – 005In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Dr. Cesar Limjoco. He was kind enough to come on the podcast and share his advice about becoming a Medical Advisor for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
Review of SEAK Conference 2017 – 006I spent a weekend at the 14th Annual SEAK meeting dedicated to NonClinical Careers. This is my review of the meeting.
Burnout and Career Transition - Interview with Dr. Kernan Manion - 007I’m very excited about presenting this interview with Dr. Kernan Manion in which he provides his insights on the interplay between physician burnout and career transition.
Top Reasons to Use LinkedIn – 008In this episode, we explore the top reasons to use LinkedIn, a social network designed for the business community that is very useful for physicians seeking a new career.
Follow These Steps to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile – 009In this episode, I’ll be walking you through the steps to create an awesome LinkedIn profile, as was promised in Episode #8.

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