Break Through the Mindset That’s Blocking You – Interview with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley – 010

In this episode, my guest helps you to break through the mindset that’s keeping you from pursuing a new career. But before we get into the interview, let me mention a couple of other important topics.

mindset break through restraints

PNC Podcast Milestone

First, this post represents a minor podcast milestone – Episode Number 10. As I reflect on these first 10 episodes, I want to thank you for joining me. You’re the reason I’ve created this podcast. I’m still learning, and I hope that I’m meeting your needs.

One thing I try to do is bring resources that you’ll find helpful on your journey to a new career. One of the resources I might not have formally mentioned before is the Facebook Group dedicated to physicians like you. It’s called Physician Nonclinical Career Hunters. It’s moderated by Laura McKain, a physician very well acquainted with the transition to a nonclinical career. I strongly encourage you to join the conversation there if you want to learn more about career options.

I bring it up here, in part, because I sometimes ask the members of the group for advice about this podcast. I’ve recently received feedback that the majority of potential listeners prefer episodes that are 20 to 30 minutes in length. A few of my prior episodes were close to, or exceeded, an hour.

So, I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep my episodes shorter. That’s one reason I broke up the discussion of LinkedIn into two parts.

Since my goal is to meet your needs, I’m sincere when I say that I welcome feedback, so please let me know how I can better serve you.

Other Podcasts by Physicians

Before I get to today’s interview, I want to provide one more bit of potentially useful information. Since you’re listening, you probably like podcasts about physicians trying new things, including new careers. So, I’m going to tell you about other podcasts by physicians for physicians today and in coming weeks. I think you’ll be inspired and entertained by them.

This week’s selection for a formal review is Docs Outside the Box, by Nii Darko.

I’ve been listening to Nii since early 2017. When I found his podcast, he had already posted a dozen or so episodes, so I “binged” and caught up. Now I listen to each to new episode as its released.

Follow These Steps to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile – 009

A Starting Point for Your Career Transition

In this episode, I’ll be walking you through the steps to create an awesome LinkedIn profile, as was promised in Episode #8.

But first, I’m going provide a quick book review.

Book Review

I recently picked up a copy of Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training?: Questions from Doctors Considering a Career Change.

Written by Michael J. McLaughlin, and published in 2007, it provides answers to dozens of questions regarding the author’s transition from clinician to full-time career in medical communications.

At first, I was put off by the Q and A approach, but McLaughlin did an excellent job making his story engaging and full of great advice. He approached his transition very methodically. And he outlines a 5-step process that many of us should emulate.

Top Reasons to Use LinkedIn – 008

A Critical Tool for Job Hunting

In this episode, we explore the top reasons to use LinkedIn.

During the recent SEAK NonClinical Careers for Physicians Conference, I was surprised by the number of times LinkedIn was mentioned as a critical tool when seeking a nonclinical job. In one presentation that I attended, the speaker noted that LinkedIn was the primary method for finding jobs as a medical writer.

In this week’s podcast, I address two of three major issues related to LinkedIn. The third issue will be addressed in the follow-up episode next week.

The three major aspects I’ll describe are:

  • Exactly what LinkedIn is and does;
  • Why it is so important that you create a LinkedIn account; and,
  • How to set up your account and use it.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network designed for the business community. The site allows members to establish networks of people they know and trust professionally.

Burnout and Career Transition – Interview with Dr. Kernan Manion – 007

Understanding Burnout Is the First Step in Overcoming It

I’m very excited about presenting this interview with Dr. Kernan Manion in which he provides his insights on the interplay between physician burnout and career transition.

Dr. Kernan Manion is a psychiatrist, coach and consultant. He provides his coaching and consulting services through his company Work/Life Design. His primary coaching clients are physicians addressing career transition and/or burnout. He also provides consulting programs for hospitals and health systems.

Early in his career he worked with PTSD, stroke and head injury patients. In the interview, he describes his journey from practicing psychiatrist, through his own burnout, to coach and consultant.

physician burnout smoldering ashes

I learned about his work as I was preparing to launch this podcast. I had written about the factors that seemed to be triggering the explosion in physician career transition. And I devoted my second podcast episode to outlining the steps in such a career pivot.

Then I ran across an announcement on LinkedIn for Dr. Manion’s webinar addressing the Four Key Dynamics of Physician Career Transition and it really intrigued me. So, I reached out to him, had a few conversations and he agreed to an interview.

Review of SEAK NonClinical Careers for Physicians Conference 2017 – 006

I just spent the past weekend at the 14th Annual SEAK meeting dedicated to NonClinical Careers. I met physicians who have successfully transitioned into a nonclinical career and were serving as mentors. The attendees were physicians considering a career pivot, or in the  midst of pursuing one.

In addition to attending several very interesting presentations, I had a chance to meet several very interesting experts on various nonclinical careers. I’m planning to invite several of them join me on the podcast over the coming months.

seak2017 mentor

Over the past few days, there has been a fair amount of interest on the Physician NonClinical Career Hunters Facebook Group for feedback about the event.

Clinical Documentation Improvement – Interview with Dr. Cesar Limjoco – 005

An Interesting Career and Stepping Stone to Other Opportunities

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Dr. Cesar Limjoco. I’ve known Cesar for many years. He was kind enough to take time out from his busy consulting schedule to come on the podcast and share his advice about becoming a Medical Advisor for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI).

Cesar is a nationally recognized consultant helping set up CDI programs at hospitals across the country. He’s been doing this work for over 25 years. I remember him helping explain proper documentation and coding practices to my medical staff on topics like heart failure and sepsis.

He trains hospital based CDI medical advisors, nurse documentation specialists and coding staff. He’s a great guy, very dedicated to what he does.

So, I was very pleased when he agreed to discuss how clinicians might shift into a career as a hospital CDI medical advisor. One of the advantages of a position like this is that it is a potential stepping stone to an executive position (like VP for Medical Affairs or CMO).

Is There a Need?

Since the adoption of DRGs (Diagnostic Related Groups) as a method to pay hospitals for inpatient care, there has been a growing demand for expertise in clinical documentation and coding. The subsequent adoption of MS-DRGs and ICD-10 have increased the need for physicians with expertise in this area. Thus, there is growing demand for local physician CDI expertise at just about every U.S. hospital.

Follow Six Essential Rules to Engage a Mentor – 004

And Five Reasons You Need One

In this podcast episode, I talk about mentors and coaches. My primary focus is on mentors. But I’ll spend a few minutes distinguishing them from coaches. I finish up by listing six rules to follow to find and engage a mentor.

Who Needs a Mentor?

Anyone thinking about exploring a new career, or just trying to excel at their current one, will benefit from having a knowledgeable and motivated mentor.

I suppose if you have the ideal job, and you’ve reached the top of your profession, then maybe you don’t need a mentor. But if you’re listening to this, then you’re either strongly considering a career change, or you’re already in the process of such a move. And a mentor can be very helpful in that case. I’ll explain why in a little bit.

Seeking an MBA – Interview with Atish Jaiswal – 003

Why Consider Pursuing an MBA?

Today I’m bringing you my first interview. It involves a colleague who is seeking an MBA. The topic was mentioned on my blog at Top 10 Reasons to Pursue a Business Degree. This interview should provide additional insights in to the issue.

You may have been expecting an episode addressing mentors, but I decided that I wanted to present this conversation first. The episode about mentors will follow this one.

Today’s episode is a little bit different from those I plan to present in the future. Instead of interviewing an expert on a topic, I’m having a conversation with a family physician who is just beginning his journey to a nonclinical career.

The Proper Way to Pivot – 002

The Process to Follow When Seeking a New Career

In this episode, we explore the proper way to pivot to a nonclinical career. Granted, there may be various ways to make such a change. But there is good evidence that following this process will minimize your risk while optimizing your odds of success.

There are four major phases, some of which can easily overlap. I plan to use this model of the four phases to help organize future episodes of this podcast. These phases definitely follow the steps I took as I transitioned from full-time family physician to hospital chief medical officer. While there is no ONE, this is a model that has been shown to work.


You may notice that they follow the steps outlined in a book written by Jenny Blake called Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next OneIt’s a book I highly recommend, in part because Blake helps assure the reader that taking small, yet effective, steps can get you to that new career or business without risking everything.

Getting Acquainted with Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast – 001

Introduction to Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Physician NonClinical Careers podcast.

This podcast is an offshoot of this blog. But instead of addressing emerging physician executives exclusively, I’ve designed this podcast to inspire, inform and support doctors looking to pivot to any nonclinical full- or part-time career.

The podcast will include episodes addressing general topics, such as leadership, management, education, negotiation, motivation and self-confidence. I will also talk about specific issues related to pivoting to a career in hospital or medical group administration.

However, I’m certainly not the expert on all nonclinical jobs for physicians, so this podcast will include many interviews with experts in nonclinical medical careers, employers, and physicians who have already completed a pivot to a new career.

In this first short episode, I describe why I started this podcast, a little bit about my background and my goals for the podcast.

Use the Audio Player at the Top of This Post.

I will be posting episodes right here on VITAL Physician Executive. But I encourage you to subscribe on the Apple Podcasting AppStitcher or Google Play.

I also list the ways that you can reach me, including by:

  • email at
  • voice message at my Voice Message Page
  • adding comments at the end of this and future posts
  • commenting in the Apple Podcast App

I’m very interested in hearing from you about a particular expert or nonclinical career.

I really appreciate your support. Thanks for being a loyal VPE reader, and now, Physician NonClinical Careers listener!

Here is a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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