Helpful Resources

A place to list books, courses and other useful tools for physician executives.


Below is a beginning list of the books that I found to be essential resources as a physician executive. I believe these will provide the beginning physician executive with a good foundation in the areas that each addresses.

resources books

My plan is to eventually post a review of each of them, like my review of Growing Physician Leaders.

Each of these books has insights and practical advice that can be useful to physician leaders.

Note that these are affiliate links, so I receive a small commission if you purchase using these links. The cost is not affected by using the links to make a purchase.

I only recommend books that I have read and re-read, that I have found very helpful and whose principles I continue to utilize on a daily basis.

Quality and Safety Resources

As I find useful online quality and safety resources for the actively involved hospital or ambulatory physician executive, I will also post them here.

ISMP Hospital Medication Safety Best PracticesJoint Commission 2017 National Patient Safety GoalsJoint Commission Enterprise Content Library

I will continue add additional resources as I find them.