Achieve the Life You Want with Career Coach Dr. Heather Fork – 018

Slow Down and Avoid 5 Common Mistakes

In this podcast episode, I speak with physician career coach Heather Fork, MD, CPCC. She describes her own personal journey and her experiences helping physicians achieve the life they want.

I found this interview to be very inspiring. She distills years of coaching into a clear outline for career transition. In addition, her own transition, from clinical medicine to a career she loves, serves as a beacon of hope to those physicians in the throes of burnout.

I’ve been following Dr. Fork since I started my blog in 2016. I had a chance to meet her briefly at the 2017 SEAK Nonclinical Careers Conference. I’ve been anxious to speak with her about her experiences as a physician coach since starting this podcast.

career coach change

Heather is a Non-Clinical Career Coach and founder of The Doctor’s Crossing. As a certified coach, she works with physicians who are seeking to renew and reinvigorate their careers and avoid burnout.

After practicing for 9 years in her own dermatology practice, she made the difficult decision to leave her practice and pursue a calling to serve others in a different way. Having gone through a career transition, she is able to integrate her experience, training, and abiding interest in her work to help other physicians find happiness, success, and fulfillment in their own lives and careers.

Create the Ideal Resume – Interview with Charlotte Weeks – 017

How to Get Employers to Demand an Interview

In this podcast episode, I talk with career coach and certified resume-writing expert, Charlotte Weeks, about creating that ideal resume.

For most career pivots, we’re going to need to send out a resume. So, I’ve had this topic on my “to do” list for quite a while. And I’m very pleased to present my conversation with Charlotte Weeks.

Charlotte is an Executive Career Coach, Executive Resume Writer and Outplacement Consultant. She provides career marketing documents and career coaching to senior-level professionals and executives. She is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

Charlotte was a mentor at the SEAK conference that I attended last October in Chicago. She has also been a speaker at previous SEAK conferences.

ideal resume now hiring

First, we get into her experience and background.


She previously worked in the Human Resources Department at the American Medical Association. But now she provides services through her own company, Weeks Career Services, Inc.

How to Quietly Build Leadership Skills As You Serve a Nonprofit – 016

5 Major Benefits for Physicians Seeking a New Career

In this episode, we discuss how volunteering to serve a nonprofit board provides leadership experience and expedites career transition.

A Book Review

As I’ve studied the issue of career transition, I’ve often encountered burnout as a reason to shift careers.

But there is an ignored cousin to burnout: physician suicide. The physician suicide rate is double that of the general population. And it appears, at least anecdotally, that the training of medical students contributes to the likelihood of suicide in both medical students themselves, and then later in practicing physicians.

Suicide is a tragedy, whenever it occurs. And in this age of physician shortages, the physicians lost each year to suicide affect thousands of spouses, children, parents and friends, and an estimated one million patients.

Rather than try to address this issue myself, I want to raise your awareness of this problem and of the work of Dr. Pamela Wible. Dr. Wible is a family physician who addressed her own frustration with modern medical practice by creating and promoting Ideal Medical Care.

Physician Suicide Expert

Along the way, she also became interested in physician and medical student suicide. She has now become an expert on the subject, and a resource for suicidal physicians and the families of suicide victims.

Answer These Questions Before You Quit Medicine – Interview with Dr. Robert Gleeson – 015

Coaching Questions to Answer for Yourself

In this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Robert Gleeson about the questions we might ask ourselves before we quit medicine. As an author, physician executive, and leadership coach, he has explored burnout and possible career transition with over 100 physicians. He recommends we do some serious soul-searching before throwing in the towel on our clinical careers.

Before getting into the interview, I present another podcast by one of our physician colleagues.

First – A Podcast Review

This one is called The Happy Doc. Here is how the Happy Doc describes his mission: “The Happy Doc is about bringing joy to the work that you do. It’s about understanding how to work on personal and systemic levels to make lasting change in the lives of healing professionals. While the focus has been mainly on physicians, the principles we learn in our podcast, blog posts, reading materials, and group sessions, apply to nearly all professionals.” He goes on to say: “Our website brings inspirational, creative, and happy health professionals to you, get ready to learn how you can be a happy doctor too!”

Taylor Brana, D.O., produces the podcast. He is an intern, just starting his postgraduate education in Philadelphia.

He mostly publishes interviews. But sometimes he presents a shorter episode about his experiences as an intern, or snippets of information gathered from other sources.  I really enjoyed his conversation with Pamela Wible, the founder of Ideal Medical Care, and author of Physician Suicide Letters Answered(this is an affiliate link*).

His other guests are equally unique and inspirational. You can find his podcast by searching for The Happy Doc on the Apple Podcast App or Stitcher, or by going to his website at

Before You Quit Medicine

I first met Bob Gleeson at an American Association for Physician Leadership meeting. He is an internist, author, physician executive and leadership coach. He has a unique experience in the corporate world, having worked for 27 years for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.

Personality Types and Physician Burnout with Heather Fork

Guest Post: Burning Out? Recommendations For Your Personality Type

This week’s blog post is a Guest Post by Heather Fork, MD, CPCC, who blogs at Doctor’s Crossing. She provides advice on how to manage our burnout based on our personality types.

Heather is a certified coach and owner and founder of Doctor’s Crossing. It’s there that she works with physicians who are seeking to renew and reinvigorate their careers and avoid burnout.

After practicing for 9 years in her own successful dermatology practice, she made the difficult decision to leave her practice and pursue a calling to serve others in a different way.

Reasons to Pursue a Career in Medical Informatics – Interview with Dr. Brian Young – 014

An Evolving Career in High Demand

In this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Brian Young about medical informatics.

He is an Enterprise Physician Informaticist with Dignity Health, a 38-hospital system with sites in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Brian received his medical training at Wake Forest, a master’s degree in predictive analytics at Northwestern University, and his MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

He is a credentialed Epic trainer and has been involved with multiple implementations in both inpatient and outpatient environments.

medical informatics

I heard Brian speak at the annual SEAK conference on Nonclinical Careers for Physicians in October. I found his presentation to be very interesting. The field of informatics is growing quickly and there should be heavy demand for medical informaticists far into the future. But, it’s also a field which is rapidly changing.

5 Reasons to Discard the Victim Mindset and Start to Lead – 013

For yourself, your family, profession, teams and community

In this episode, we explore the victim mindset. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of complaining about our circumstances. Many of our colleagues jump in and fan the flames of discontent.

[This topic was first addressed in Physicians: Stop Complaining and Start Leading in July  2017 – VPE].

But when we find ourselves wallowing in victimhood, we ought to shift our perspective and make a commitment to lead instead.

start to lead community health

Dr. Serafino Garella’s Community Health Clinic

First – A Physician Podcast Review

This week I want to highlight the White Coat Investor Podcast. Presented by Dr. Jim Dahle, the podcast is a spin-off of the longstanding, ground-breaking blog of the same name.

The podcast was started in January 2017. It presents much of the same high-value, no-nonsense information to help physicians avoid financial blunders and become stewards of their own finances.

To be a bit more specific, according to the notes introducing the podcast, it is intended to:

  1. Help high-income professionals (particularly those who wear the white coat) get a fair shake on Wall Street;
  2. Fulfill [Jim Dahle’s] entrepreneurial spirit (i.e. build something cool and make a few bucks doing it);
  3. Connect high income professionals who need professional financial help with the good guys in the financial services industry.

Meet the Modern Physician Advisor – Interview with Dr. Timothy Owolabi – 012

Stepping Stone to an Executive Position

In this podcast episode, I talk with physician advisor and medical director, Timothy Owolabi. But first, I want to describe an opportunity and a podcast review.


Here’s the potential opportunity: I decided to participate in Michael Hyatt’s goal setting program called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

I know it is a great program, and I’m a big believer in setting annual goals. It was something our hospital management team did every year and it generated great results for our hospital. When I’ve prepared written goals for myself, I’ve always been much more effective.

physician advisor smart goals

My plan was to complete the program this year, and then promote it to my blog and podcast audiences as an affiliate program next year. Then we could go through the program together next year with our own private Facebook Group.

But then I got to thinking – why wait until next year? Why don’t I offer it to my listeners and readers and then go through the program with them now?

Small Steps Today Surpass Grand Leaps Tomorrow – 011

Overcome Your Fears and Misplaced Guilt Along the Way

In this episode, we explore small steps that you can take to begin your career transition.

confucius small steps quote

While I generally prefer to bring you interviews with experts or physicians who have completed a career change, today is a solo episode.

The Thanksgiving holiday presented some challenges to the podcasting process.

Break Through the Mindset That’s Blocking You – Interview with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley – 010

In this episode, my guest helps you to break through the mindset that’s keeping you from pursuing a new career. But before we get into the interview, let me mention a couple of other important topics.

mindset break through restraints

PNC Podcast Milestone

First, this post represents a minor podcast milestone – Episode Number 10. As I reflect on these first 10 episodes, I want to thank you for joining me. You’re the reason I’ve created this podcast. I’m still learning, and I hope that I’m meeting your needs.

One thing I try to do is bring resources that you’ll find helpful on your journey to a new career. One of the resources I might not have formally mentioned before is the Facebook Group dedicated to physicians like you. It’s called Physician Nonclinical Career Hunters. It’s moderated by Laura McKain, a physician very well acquainted with the transition to a nonclinical career. I strongly encourage you to join the conversation there if you want to learn more about career options.

I bring it up here, in part, because I sometimes ask the members of the group for advice about this podcast. I’ve recently received feedback that the majority of potential listeners prefer episodes that are 20 to 30 minutes in length. A few of my prior episodes were close to, or exceeded, an hour.

So, I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep my episodes shorter. That’s one reason I broke up the discussion of LinkedIn into two parts.

Since my goal is to meet your needs, I’m sincere when I say that I welcome feedback, so please let me know how I can better serve you.

Other Podcasts by Physicians

Before I get to today’s interview, I want to provide one more bit of potentially useful information. Since you’re listening, you probably like podcasts about physicians trying new things, including new careers. So, I’m going to tell you about other podcasts by physicians for physicians today and in coming weeks. I think you’ll be inspired and entertained by them.

This week’s selection for a formal review is Docs Outside the Box, by Nii Darko.

I’ve been listening to Nii since early 2017. When I found his podcast, he had already posted a dozen or so episodes, so I “binged” and caught up. Now I listen to each to new episode as its released.